Here at Keippers Kennels, nutrition for our Pit Bulls are the first priority. We are focused on the best of what raw diet can do for your pitbull and weaning ourselves away from the commercial dog foods. Our dogs daily intake goes a little something like this........


All adult dogs get a combination of chicken, beef, turkey, fish, eggs, brown/white rice, oaks and potatoes. Our puppies get NUTRO large breed puppy up to a year old and raw diet at the same time. We rotate our primary meat source (Chicken) with beef knuckle, mullet, turkey breast and necks. Also we supplement with a daily vitamin Doc Roy's Forti-cal. We have broken down their daily feeding regimen to 90% meat and 10% carbohydrates, it equals 4% of there total body weight!. Each dog gets around 3-4 pounds off food a day, pregnent and nursing females will requier more food. We buy every thing in 40lbs case of meat.


Keippers Kennels Nutrition Regimen


AM  Chicken backs  chicken backs  Chicken quarters  chicken backs Chicken quarters  chicken backs Chicken quarters
PM   Rice, Potatoes, eggs    Rice, Potatoes, eggs    Rice, Potatoes, eggs   
    and Beef hearts.   and Beef hearts.   and Beef hearts.  
    Forti-cal   Forti-cal   Forti-cal  


     40lbs of chicken quarters!

     10lbs of beef knuckle!


   1 case of beef hearts


   This is about what our pitbull eat every day!